About Us

It felt good right from the beginning to do what I really wanted to do. The possibilities I had now left a good overall feeling. Sharing all my hobbies with others is just part of my life now.

I did not want any page. With the right homepage I could show all that I am and what I intend to do.

It seems to me that I have now cleared out my garage and could let everyone take part in it. My life before this step was a store room. Luckily I changed that. Now I’m even more purposeful approach to my future projects.

Even friends and acquaintances have taken a liking to it. I quickly made them understand that everything goes by itself. With just a few clicks, everything can be set as desired. This also requires no previous knowledge.

Of course it is always possible to add new designs. As my life changes, my website should also be allowed to change. So the website is also part of my CV, which will also have professional implications. Hopefully good!