Cafeteria & Snack Bar Franchises

The Canadian market now has a large number of franchise companies offering a selection of fresh baked goods and specialty coffees. Self-service bakeries offer instant enjoyment in every corner of the city and coffee-to-go in every variant has enjoyed great popularity for years.

The partly astronomical prices do not let the demand sink. Qualitatively there are offers for the hipster or the coffee connoisseur in this category, every palate is addressed.

Relatively new to the market are mobile coffee sellers. The idea makes sense, the franchisee can use a bicycle to localize his location to the customer’s needs. Mobility increases the turnover in this case, the operating costs are relatively small due to the lack of localities.

In addition to the classic franchise companies that have already been represented for some time, newer concepts have also been found in the industry for several years. Waffle houses are well visited and crêpes are no longer just a hit at Christmas markets and folk festivals.

Cafeteria & Snack Bar Franchise business Models offer :

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The donut, which is very popular in the USA, has also become increasingly established on the German market with various chains.

The benefit to franchisees is obvious to the customer. You know what to expect. The quality of the food and products offered varies usually minimal and the pricing is relatively standardized with possibly small deviations.

No matter in which city you are on the road, you visit the chain of his trust you know what you are on.